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Ministry Approved driving school
Community Driving School
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In-Car Curriculum
Driving School
Community Driving School provides 10 in-car lessons. Each in-car lesson is 60 minutes in length and will be taught by a licensed in-car instructor. Each lesson will be taught to one student at a time. Students will be evaluated via a test at the end of the lessons. Students will be tested on seven actions: Start, backing, driving along, Intersections and RR crossings, Turns, Parking, and Stop/Park/Start on a Grade. For each wrong action, a mark of one or two may be deducted from the total mark. The passing mark for the test is 80%.

In addition to the in-car test, each student will be evaluated at the end of each lesson to record the student¦s progress and understanding of the materials being taught. At the beginning of each lesson, the materials of the previous lesson will be reviewed
Lesson 10:
Lesson 1: Lesson 4: Lesson 7:
School Bus
Lane Changing
Pre-Driving Check
In-Car Test
Railway Crossing
Angle Parking
Seat Adjustments
Perpendicular Parking Night Driving
Driving Forward/Backward
Hill Parking
Use of Lights
Right Turns
Left Turns
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Lesson 2: Lesson 5: Lesson 8:
Improve Turns
City Driving Turns and Intersections
Mirror Check
Driving in Bad Weather
Special City Area
Blind Spot Check
Large / Small Vehicles
Backing Into Street
Traffic Lights Fog/Wind
Emergency Vehicles
Student Plan Route
Two Point Turns
Three Point Turns
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Lesson 3: Lesson 6: Lesson 9:
Parallel Parking
Stop Signs
Lane Change
High-Way Driving
Through Intersections
Swerving Properly
Curves and Shoulders
Maintaining Space
One-way Streets
Passing - Two Lane Highway
Emergency Braking
Country Roads
Vehicle Breakdown
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