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In-Car Curriculum
Community Driving School provides 10 in-car lessons. Each in-car lesson is 60 minutes in length and will be taught by a licensed in-car instructor. Each lesson will be taught to one student at a time. Students will be evaluated via a test at the end of the lessons. Students will be tested on seven actions: Start, backing, driving along, Intersections and RR crossings, Turns, Parking, and Stop/Park/Start on a Grade. For each wrong action, a mark of one or two may be deducted from the total mark. The passing mark for the test is 80%.

In addition to the in-car test, each student will be evaluated at the end of each lesson to record the students progress and understanding of the materials being taught. At the beginning of each lesson, the materials of the previous lesson will be reviewed
Lesson 10:
Lesson 1: Lesson 4: Lesson 7:
School Bus
Lane Changing
Pre-Driving Check
In-Car Test
Railway Crossing
Angle Parking
Seat Adjustments
Perpendicular Parking Night Driving
Driving Forward/Backward
Hill Parking
Use of Lights
Right Turns
Left Turns
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Lesson 2: Lesson 5: Lesson 8:
Improve Turns
City Driving Turns and Intersections
Mirror Check
Driving in Bad Weather
Special City Area
Blind Spot Check
Large / Small Vehicles
Backing Into Street
Traffic Lights Fog/Wind
Emergency Vehicles
Student Plan Route
Two Point Turns
Three Point Turns
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driving_school_004008.gif driving_school_004009.gif
Lesson 3: Lesson 6: Lesson 9:
Parallel Parking
Stop Signs
Lane Change
High-Way Driving
Through Intersections
Swerving Properly
Curves and Shoulders
Maintaining Space
One-way Streets
Passing - Two Lane Highway
Emergency Braking
Country Roads
Vehicle Breakdown
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