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Ministry Approved driving school
Community Driving School
Driving School in-class
Driving School in-class
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In-Class Curriculum
Driving School in class
Community Driving School provides the following 20 in-class driving
lessons in five separate sessions

Each session is five hours in length and consists of lectures, videos, reading materials, overhead material, white board materials, and teacher student interactions. Lectures have been prepared with reference to Road Worthy, Driver Handbook, and Highway Traffic Act. Students will be evaluated via a test at the end of lesson 10 and lesson 20. Each test
consists of 40 multiple choice questions derived from class room and reading materials. 2.5 % will be deducted from the total for each wrong answer. The passing rate for each test is 70%. Students are allotted as much time as needed to complete the test under the supervision of the instructor.
Session 1 Session 4
Lesson 1: Why Driver Education Lesson 13: Freeway Driving
Lesson 2: Graduated Licensing System Lesson 14: Rural Driving
Lesson 3: Traffic Law Lesson 15: Adverse Driving Conditions
Lesson 4: Vision and Perception Lesson 16: Winter Driving
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Lesson 5: Before You Drive Lesson 17: Fuel Efficient Driving
Lesson 6: City Driving Problems Lesson 18: Preventative Maintenance
Lesson 7: Maneuvering the Car Lesson 19: Emergency Procedures
Lesson 8: Defensive Driving Lesson 20: In Case of Collision
In class driving school
Lesson 9: Laws of Motion
Lesson 10: Safety Restraints
Lesson 11: Drinking and Driving
Lesson 12: Driver Fitness
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